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On Jamaica's north coast

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Montego Bay highlights I Belvedere Estate I Ocho Rios and Dunn's River Falls I Martha Brae Rafting I Rose Hall Great House I Greenwood Great House I Black River Safari I Negril Sunset I Rocklands Bird Sanctuary I Appleton Estate I Runaway Cave

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MONTEGO BAY HIGHLIGHTS 1-4 persons $25 per person, 5 persons & over $20p/p

Enjoy our sightseeing tour that includes a panoramic drive of the Montego Bay area passing such sights as Montego Bay Marine Park, Sam Sharp Square, Hip Strip, Margueritaville, Hurricane Disco and Ironshore (the largest residential area with its magnificent villas). Shop at the local craft markets for straw items, carvings and souvenirs and also visit the duty-free shops in Montego Bay City Centre.

BELVEDERE ESTATE 1-4 persons $45p/p, 5 persons & over $43p/p

Belvedere is a family-owned working plantation of 1,000 acres, of which 500 are cultivated with tropical fruits. Red Poll cattle, which are indigenous to Jamaica, graze the other 500 acres. There is a waterfall where you may bathe.

The estate offers a fascinating perspective of modern estate life and an intriguing re-creation of how things were almost three centuries ago, when the estate became one of the first sugarcane plantations in Jamaica.

You’re welcomed by guides in Jamaican-bandanna prints offering sugarloaf, and pineapple and orange samplers, while a farmhand coaxes a donkey in circles to demonstrate the workings of an old sugar press. If you’ve arrived under your own steam, a guide will come in your car as you drive through the groves of citrus and coconut palms.

She’ll also walk you though the botanical gardens and post-Emancipation Village, featuring huts where a basket-weaver, baker, blacksmith, and coffee and cocoa grinder demonstrate traditional skills. A tour by tractor-pulled jitney is in the works.

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OCHO RIOS & DUNN’S RIVER FALLS1-4 persons $30p/p, 5 persons & over $25p/p

To visit Jamaica and not visit Dunn’s River Falls is like touring France without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Travel along the north coast to the unique fishing village of Falmouth where you’ll visit the Parish Church built in 1769, along to Discovery Bay where Christopher Columbus first arrived in Jamaica.

Your next stop is the resort town of Ocho Rios for some of the best duty free shopping in Jamaica and then on to Dunn’s River Falls, the island’s most well known attraction. Join hands in a daisy chain and clamber up the tiers of limestone that stairstep 600 feet down to the beach in a series of cascades and pools. The water is refreshingly cool and the falls are shaded by tall rainforest. At the top there is huge crafts market – the most impressive in Jamaica, and there are jerk stalls and snack bars. Swimwear is essential. Don’t forget your camera.

MARTHA BRAE RAFTING 1-4 persons $45p/p, 5 persons & over $43p/p

The rafting trip down a three-mile stretch of the Martha Brae is one of the most exhilarating in Jamaica. The journey takes 90 minutes on long bamboo rafts poled by a skilled guide. The upper reaches tumble at a good pace before slowing further down river where you can stop for dips in calm pools. En route, you’ll pass beneath shady glades.

The river is named after an Arawak priestess who, according to legend knew the location of a secret gold mine in a cave, by the river. She is said to have lured Spanish gold-seekers to the cave, which she sealed by diverting the course of the river, drowning the conquistadors and securing her secret.

The Martha Brae River rises at Windsor Caves in the Cockpit Country and flows 32 miles to Oyster Bay, east of Falmouth. Tropical fish are bread commercially and ornamental water plants are raised in the marshland behind the river mouth.

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ROSE HALL GREAT HOUSE 1-4 persons $30p/p, 5 persons & over $25p/p

This stunning mansion with its commanding hilltop position two miles east of Ironshore, is the most famous house in Jamaica. It’s also one of the most magnificent and most visited, enticing over 100,000 callers a year. The imposing house was built in 1770 by John Palmer, a wealthy plantation owner and Custos of St. James Parish. Palmer and his wife Rose (after whom the house was named) hosted some of the most elaborate social gatherings on the island.

Slaves destroyed the house in the Christmas Rebellion of 1831, and it was left in ruins for over a century. In 1966 John Rollins, a former lieutenant governor of the US state of Delaware, bought the property and lavished over US$2.5 million on it to restore it to haughty grandeur.

The three-story building has wings enclosing the courtyard, and a double staircase backed by an arcade leading up to a front door beneath a Palladian portico. Inside the house is a bastion of 18th century style. Although the original mahogany staircase and doors were removed long ago, they have been replaced with magnificent reproductions.

Part of the attraction is the legend of Annie Palmer, a multiple murderer said to haunt the house. Upstairs is her bedroom decorated in crimson silk brocades. The collars now house an old-English-style pub and a well-stocked gift shop.

GREENWOOD GREAT HOUSE 1-4 persons $30p/p, 5 persons & over $25p/p

Greenwood sits high on a hill five miles east of Rose Hall. The two-storey stone-and-timber structure was built about 1760 by Sir Richard Barrett. The family arrived in Jamaica in the 1660s and amassed a fortune from their sugar plantation. Greenwood was intended primarily for entertaining guests, hence the large ballroom.

Unique among local plantation houses, Greenwood survived unscathed during the slave rebellion of Christmas 1831. The house today boasts what it claims ‘the finest antique museum in the Caribbean’.

The original library is still intact, as are oil paintings, Dresden china, a rare collection of musical instruments, a court jester’s chair and such sombre antiques as a mantrap used for catching runaway slaves. The master bedroom is still used by the current owners. Have your camera ready for the spectacular view down over the coast from the veranda.

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BLACK RIVER SAFARI 1-4 persons $65p/p, 5 persons & over $60p/p

Journey to the unspoiled south coast and enjoy the beauty and splendour of the southern parts of Jamaica, travelling through quaint towns and picturesque villages. Sample local wayside specialities such as fish and ‘bammies’… very delicious. Upon arrival, the Safari Queen motor boat is ready to take you on a 10-mile trip up and downstream the water of the Black River.

Sip a complimentary drink and enjoy stories handed down from generations. There is so much to see – wild life and an array of exotic birds and tropical flowers. After lunch visit the spectacular Wise Falls as the jitney drives you up the falls through some historic properties where you will see some of Jamaica’s finest thoroughbred horses. This really is a magnificent day out.

NEGRIL SUNSET 1-4 persons $30p/p, 5 persons & over $25p/p

Negril is the most westerly point of Jamaica boasting seven miles of white sandy beach and has a reputation for the easy life. Beyond the village is the West End where you can stop at Rick’s Café to watch one of the most spectacular sunsets in the Caribbean.

other Optional tours

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary - 1-4 persons $25p/p, 5 persons & over $20p/p

Appleton Estate 1-4 persons - $45p/p, 5 persons & over $40p/p

Runaway Cave 1-4 persons - $25p/p, 5 persons & over $20p/p

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